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Texas Veterans Won’t Have to Carry Their DD214 to Prove They are a Vet!

Rep. Isaac Passes Legislation for Veteran’s Driver’s License

AUSTIN, TX – During the 82nd legislative session, Rep. Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs) was successful in passing legislation that will allow veterans to add an endorsement to their Texas driver’s license.  House Bill 1514 will help honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces more easily prove their status.

Rep. Isaac commented, “I have many veterans in my family, and it was recently brought to my attention that they often must carry their discharge form (DD-214) with them at all times in order to prove their status.  Many businesses, organizations, and events provide certain benefits to this honorable group of citizens and it seems unnecessary that this cumbersome form is the only proof of service that they currently have.  Adding a small endorsement to a veteran’s driver’s license is a common sense solution to this issue.”

The bill take effect on September 1st, but because the Department of Public Safety (DPS) will need to establish and approve rules as well as develop software for the new license, it may not be available until several months later.  DPS is already working on the implementation of the bill and veterans across the state are welcome to call Rep. Isaac’s office or request to join his email newsletter list for updates on the progress of the license.

When the development is complete, veterans will simply have to present proof of honorable service at the DPS office when they renew their license in order to have the endorsement added.

Rep. Isaac continued, “My hope is that this will not only make day to day life more convenient for veterans, but also cut down on instances of fraud in which non-veterans seek benefits reserved for those who have bravely served our country.  Although no license, tax exemption, or benefit can ever repay the debt owed to our veterans, I hope these efforts are a small token of appreciation for their service.”

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9 Responses to Texas Veterans Won’t Have to Carry Their DD214 to Prove They are a Vet!

  1. Steve Austin says:

    I am a County Veteran Service Officer in northeast Texas (Titus / Franklin Counties ). I have been working on this issue in my county for over a year now. My attempts to establish such a program locally have not been successful, I am appreciative, to have this available. When can I and my fellow veterans submit for out “vet ” ID? Thank You…

    • admin says:

      According to the notice I got, The bill take effect on September 1st, but will take several months to implement across the state. I will post updates as I receive them. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE and your continued support of our fellow veterans!

  2. Johnny L Norris says:

    I am retired from the USNR Vietnam era. I think this is a great advantage for Texas Veterans. Maybe the other states should follow Texas.

    • admin says:

      Totally agree! This should be a national policy not just for the great state of Texas!

      • Ken says:

        I live in Ohio and they have been doing this for a couple of years. There is a fee of $27 to add a small “armed forces” logo to your existing DL in ohio. Its great because many places will honor the logo on the DL and provide a discount up to 10%.

  3. Hector R. Garcia says:

    If I signed up in and am from Texas originally but was discharged in California, am I considered a Texas vet. or California vet. is my question?

    • admin says:

      Hey Hector!!! You go by the rules of the state that you are residing in, so if you are living in Texas now, then you are a Texas Vet. Of course, if you not now but move back there later, then you become a Texas Vet! Either way THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

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