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Little Texas will be rockin the stage at the Veterans Day Telethon!

Little Texas has played in packed arenas, seen two albums go platinum, put out eight top ten hits and won two country music awards.  Now they have landed a spot on the Veterans Day Telethon to be aired Saturday, November 6.

Little Texas Band was formed in 1988 in Nashville Tennessee.  By 1991 they had gained enough attention to earn a recording contract with Warner Brothers Records.  Their debut album on that label, “First Time For Everything” contained a breakout single, “Some Guys Have all the Love,” that climbed to number eight on country music charts.  The entire album went gold.

By the mid-’90′s the band had produced seven more top ten hits including the number one single, “My Love.”  Only two years after their debut, album they released “Big Time” which went double platinum.  This was followed by “Kick a Little” which was certified platinum.

One of their best remembered  songs, “God Blessed Texas,” has been used for years in Ford Commercials in Texas and was recently featured on the HBO hit series, True Blood.  The Band was asked to play it again before an estimated audience of twenty-five million on a recent episode of American Idol.  “God Blessed Texas” has been called the National Anthem of Texas.

The band broke up in 1997 but by 2004 four of the original six members decided to give the group another chance.  The current band members are Del Gray, Porter Howel, Dwayne O’Brien, and Duane Prope.

Porter Howel and Duane Prope started making music together when they were in high school in 1983.  Later they moved to Nashville to attend the same college.  In Nashville they met Duane O’Brien and Tim Rushlow, another of the original members of Little Texas.  The four musicians then formed a show band called the Varsities which specialized in ’50′s music.

Meanwhile, Del Gray was in Nashville playing in country star, Josh Logan’s band.  They all eventually met each other as young Nashville musicians will, and found they all shared a common interest in country rock.  It was then that Little Texas was born.

The original version of the band featured six members.  There was some shuffling of personnel during the first incarnation but the band’s current form contains all original members. Del Gray is the drummer. Porter Howell plays  lead guitar and sings lead vocals.  Dwayne O’Brien plays rhythm guitar, and sings background vocals  Duane Prope plays  bass guitar and sings background vocals.

In a recent review of their style, Sane Asylum Entertainment CEO Anthony Martin stated that “the band’s sound has changed to a more guitar-based presentation since Porter Howell became the lead vocalist. Porter’s vocal sound is more mature and has much more character than the Little Texas vocals of the past.”

The boys have an exciting October schedule lined up.  They will  play the Kansas City Kemper Arena, the Rockwall, Texas Lake Ray Hubbard Amphitheater, and the Azteca Music in Amarillo, Texas just before heading for the Veterans Day Telethon stage.

Little Texas will come to the virtual telethon as part of the entertainment package provided by MusicArtists4U.  MusicArtists4U is a new online music venture started just this Spring to feature a variety of artists from a wide range of music genres.  Founder Bruce Uher, will also be on the telethon to talk about his company and the acts he represents.

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